Craig Simuncak

Title: Captain

Captain Simuncak started his career with the Muskego Police Department in October of 1992. He received an Associate Degree in Police Science from the Milwaukee Area Technical College in June 1987. Captain Simuncak obtained a B.S. degree in Criminal Justice from Mount Senario College in Ladysmith, Wisconsin in December 2000. In January 2001, Captain Simuncak was promoted from patrol officer to Patrol Sergeant.  In January 2003, Captain Simuncak was promoted to the position of shift commander, and was assigned to day shift, working 7:00 am to 3:00 pm.  From February 2015 through January 2017, Captain Simuncak was assigned to the position of Detective Lieutenant, supervising the detective bureau, school resource officers, and the Community Resource Officer. In January 2017, Captain Simuncak was promoted to his current position as Special Services Captain.    

Captain Simuncak was a member of the department’s Tactical Team from 1994 until 2012.  Captain Simuncak held the position of Assistant Team Leader as well as Team Leader for the department SWAT team.  He has also been one of the departments Defense and Arrest Tactics (DAAT) Instructors since 1997, as well as a Firearms Instructor since June 2001. Captain Simuncak was also one of the departments Field Training Officers.

Captain Simuncak has attended additional training classes and seminars which include Northwestern University’s First Line Supervisors School, the FBI Instructional Developmental Course, Field Training Officer and Advanced Field Training Officer School, Reid Interview and Interrogation course, as well as numerous Tactical Team and Instructor seminars. In 2003, Captain Simuncak completed the Southern Police Institute, 10 week Command Officer Development Course taught out of the University of Louisville. 

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