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Police Department

  1. Business Security Information Sheet
  2. Citizens Academy Application
  3. Junk Vehicle / Green Up Muskego

    Submit this form if you have a concern about a junk or abandonded vehicle on a property in the City of Muskego.

  4. K9 Merchandise
  5. Open Records Request
  6. Residential / Commercial Surveillance Information

    To assist the Muskego Police Department with crime prevention and investigations, a list is being compiled for residences and... More…

  7. Victim Restitution Request
  1. Citizen Complaint Form
  2. Cold Case Information
  3. K9 Demonstration

    Request a demonstration/presentation on the K9 Unit.

  4. Muskego Special Needs Awareness Program

    The purpose of the M-S.N.A.P. program is to identify children and adults in the community with special needs to assist the police... More…

  5. Police Department Ride Alongs & Tours

    Take a tour of the Muskego Police Department or request a ride along with an officer

  6. Speed Sign Request

    Request a speed sign placed on your street.