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2024 Muskego Public Library Non-Profit Meeting Room Application



    1. The Library’s meeting rooms consist of four rooms in the lobby and one outdoor amphitheater. When the rooms are not needed for Library or City activities, they are available for use for other organizations.
      Use this form if you are a Non-profit civic or community organization. There is no charge for non-profit organizations. Proof of tax exempt status may be required to establish eligibility to use the rooms without a fee. The Library reserves the right to rearrange the meeting room schedule as Library requirements demand.
    2. User Agreement
      For and in consideration of meeting room and Library facilities usage, any person or group using same hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Muskego Public Library from any and all actions or lawsuits relating to its use of such rooms and facilities. Further, such person or group agrees to reimburse the Muskego Public Library for any and all repair costs and for any and all damage as may be caused directly or indirectly to the room and/or facilities by such use thereof. If any organization refuses to pay for repairs, the matter will be referred to the City Attorney for legal action. The Library Meeting Room Policy has been read, is hereby acknowledged, and will be complied with in full.
    3. User Acknowledgement*
      I have read the User Agreement and Library Meeting Room Policy.
    4. Type your full name here to constitute your consent to the User Agreement and Library Meeting Room Policy.
    5. Notice
      Primary use of the Library's meeting rooms is for Library programming. Library and City use of meeting room ranks as first priority and the Library reserves the right to cancel an existing reservation if the room is needed by the Library or City to be determined at their sole discretion. Whenever possible, 24 hour notice will be given. Rooms cannot be reserved until a signed application is on file.