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Community Development

  1. Zoning District Request

    Zoning District Request

Human Resources

  1. Application for Employment

    An Equal Opportunity Employer

  2. Application for Use of City Hall Meeting Room

    Application for Use of City Hall Meeting Room

  1. Application for Employment - Library

    An Equal Opportunity Employer

Parks & Recreation

  1. Permit for Beer at City of Muskego Parks

    City ordinance stipulates that the consumption of beer will be allowed in any City of Muskego park by permit only. A permit must be... More…

Police Department

  1. Business Security Information Sheet
  2. Citizens Academy Application
  3. Junk Vehicle / Green Up Muskego

    Submit this form if you have a concern about a junk or abandonded vehicle on a property in the City of Muskego.

  4. K9 Merchandise
  5. Open Records Request
  6. Residential / Commercial Surveillance Information

    To assist the Muskego Police Department with crime prevention and investigations, a list is being compiled for residences and... More…

  1. Citizen Complaint Form
  2. Cold Case Information
  3. K9 Demonstration

    Request a demonstration/presentation on the K9 Unit.

  4. Muskego Special Needs Awareness Program

    The purpose of the M-S.N.A.P. program is to identify children and adults in the community with special needs to assist the police... More…

  5. Police Department Tour

    Take a tour of the Muskego Police Department.

  6. Speed Sign Request

    Request a speed sign placed on your street.