Removing Hazards to Birds


Cats Indoors Program
There is no question that birds are better off when cats stay indoors. Exact numbers are unknown, but scientists estimate that every year in the United States alone, cats kill 1.4-3.7 billion birds and approximately 12 billion small mammals, including rabbits, squirrels, and chipmunks. Read More...

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Creating Backyard Habitat Program
Learn how to increase food, water, shelter and nesting opportunities for wildlife. Provide these fundamental elements in your backyard habitat, and you will attract numerous visitors!
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Protecting Birds from Window Strikes
An estimated 300 million to 1 billion birds die each year from collisions with glass on buildings, from skyscrapers to homes. Birds simply can’t tell reflection from reality. Even if a bird flies away after striking a window, it may die elsewhere as a result of the collision.
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