Rare & Endangered Birds

Rare, Endangered, & Threatened Birds Found in Muskego

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Eastern Bluebirds
In an effort to help restore populations, "bluebird trails" are being installed statewide. Engel Conservation Area has a bluebird trail consisting of 11 nesting boxes. Hundreds of bluebirds have been produced here since they were established!
Bluebird Restoration Association of Wisconsin
The purpose and mission of BRAW is to monitor and increase the production of the Eastern Bluebird and other native cavity-nesting birds through a coordinated statewide nest box construction and monitoring program. 

Since 2009, a remote web camera has been aiding us in observing nesting habits of the local Osprey. The camera is setup on a nesting platform located in the cattail fringe of Big Muskego Lake. Pictures are triggered by movement on 3 minute intervals. Be sure to check back often during nesting season! See more...
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Forster's Terns
Forster's Terns are endangered in the state of Wisconsin, and there are very few known occurrences of this species in the State. Big Muskego Lake is the perfect nesting habitat for this rare bird species and every year we conduct Tern surveys under the direction of DNR Avian Ecologist - Sumner Matteson, to monitor the success of their nesting habits. See more...

Bald Eagles
Bald Eagles have been successfully nesting along Big Muskego Lake since 2007. Although no longer listed as endangered or threatened, the occurrence of eagles in southeastern Wisconsin is remarkable. This is the first documented nesting in Waukesha County in over 50 years. Fairly common in northern Wisconsin, eagles migrate to overwinter in areas of open water along major rivers, or south to the Atlantic or Gulf coasts.
March 2014 - Eagles on Nest