New Janesville Road

Janesville Road Reconstruction

It has been a long process but Janesville Road from Moorland Road (CTH O) to Racine Avenue (CTH Y) is now completely reconstructed. We've put together this website to remember the process and celebrate the changes and achievements.

Grand Opening - June 26, 2014
Many came out on this special day to celebrate the grand opening of Janesville Road. Support came from residents, businesses, contractors, designers, and City of Muskego/Waukesha County/State of Wisconsin staff.

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Then & Now

Check out the pictures and video of what Janesville Road looked like before and after the reconstruction.

-Click on the link here to see a before and after side by side video of before and after (Coming soon).
-Click on the link here to before and after side by side pictures.
-Click here to view the newest pictures of the vitalization (Coming soon).


Now that the project is complete many recognitions have come about. We look forward to more in the years to come as well.

Great Places Award
The American Planning Association-Wisconsin (WAPA) is proud to present Muskego, Wisconsin with a 2014 Great Places Award for their Janesville Road reconstruction project. WAPA yearly celebrates places of exemplary character, quality, and planning to showcase the best places to live, work, socialize, and relax in Wisconsin. Janesville Road and the resulting reconstruction project over the past years is one of these new great places for the memorable features that have been created, how the road has adapted to growth/change, and the significant value it has added to community and Muskego’s downtown.

The transformation of Muskego's downtown in relation to the Janesville Road reconstruction met the qualifications of the award with ease. Overall, Janesville Road was named a “Great Place” due to the following:
  • Is a multi-jurisdictional (City, County, State) planning and design effort
  • Included a context sensitive design process with community input opportunities
  • Improved overall traffic flow for increased safety of the travel way
  • Allowed proper access for all existing businesses/residents
  • Allowed for the greatest investment opportunities post reconstruction
  • Allowed pedestrian opportunities with pathways on both sides of roadway
  • Included streetscaping and beautification that fit the City’s budget while defining the desired downtown of Muskego
  • Took into account aesthetics and perception of downtown
  • Provided for increased business opportunities and job growth within the confines of the downtown of Muskego

Awards for Pavers installed on Project (Coming Soon)

Business Investment

The City realized that the reconstruction would put a strain on local business and has been there to help. Further the city has wanted to see re-investment in the businesses along Janesville Road to coincide with the beautification investments the city completed. See the many grants and loans that the City has participated in over the years here.

The Planning Process

The timeline starts over a decade before reconstruction is completed but it is all well worth the wait! Check out the various events in the planning process below. Note that many opportunities for people to get their opinion heard and the number of entities that worked together.
  • June 26, 2014 - Grand Opening Celebration
  • 2013/2014 - Phase 2 Reconstruction from just east of Lannon Drive to Racine Avenue
  • 2012/2013 - Phase 1 Reconstruction Moorland Road to just west of Parkland Drive
  • 2012 - Phase 2 Design & Begin Property Acquisition
  • 2011 - Phase 1 Design & Begin Property Acquisition
  • 2009-2013 - Monies approved yearly by City of Muskego over this time period for design of streetscaping, landscaping, and burying of utilities.
  • 2006-2013 - Monies approved yearly by Waukesha County over this time period for design, land acquisition, and construction.
  • March 11, 2008 - Public Informational Meeting. Open house format taking in comments from public on ideas and requests on the design related to engineering and streetscaping design aspects.
  • January 2007 thru 2008- Janesville Road Streetscaping Subcommittee made up of businesses and residents meets to discuss specific details and design theme desired for streetscaping design of Janesville Road (intensity of landscaping, themes, etc.).
  • November 2007 thru May 2008- Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) process was employed. The CSS process brought together a committee of stakeholders over five meetings and one public informational meeting. CSS goal was to develop a solution which meets the transportation needs of Waukesha County while also addressing the goals and values of the community that Janesville Road serves. See the CSS report here.
  • December 2005 thru June 2006 - Mayor's Task Force on Janesville Road meets to discuss desired amenities recommended for Janesville Road from City's perspective (landscaping, burying utilities, sidewalks, monuments, hardscaping, etc.)
  • 2001-2005 - Waukesha County approves Janesville Road as a new upcoming project in their capital planning.