I Enjoy Muskego Because.....

Comments from citizens attending the 50th Celebration kick off event on Saturday, November 9, 2013.

We asked each person this question: Would you be willing to comment on your life in Muskego using this phrase “I enjoy Muskego because…”

  • “It’s a place where people wave to you even if they don’t know you. People are friendly.”
    Denise Konkol
    Citizen for 38 years
  • “I enjoy Muskego because of the great people that live here, its rural atmosphere and excellent school system.”
    Neil Borgmann, Alderman
    Citizen for 37 years
  • “It is a quiet, friendly town with a good police and fire department.”
    Tim Koch, Owner of Somar
    Citizen for 23 years
  • "It is still a farming community and a nice place to raise a family.”
    Name withheld
    Citizen for 54 years
  • “I enjoy Muskego for many reasons. I wish to highlight that we were just voted the best place to raise children in the state of Wisconsin!”
    Nancy Kangas, retired teacher from Muskego Elementary and Baylane Middle School
    Citizen for 48 years
  • “Muskego was and is a great place to raise my family.”
    Jerry Hulbert, retired teacher
    Current President of Historical Society
    Citizen for 41 years
  • “This place is my entire life of family, friends, and memories.”
    Jill Wauer, retired teacher from
    Mill Valley School
    Citizen for 54 years
  • “It has been a great place to live and watch grow and develop.”
    Pastor John Engelhardt of
    Muskego Apostolic Tabernacle
    Citizen for 25 years
  • “Nice place to raise your family.”
    Jill Blenski
    Citizen for 23 years
  • “I appreciate all that occurred and happened in this city while I lived on Pioneer Drive. Proud that my son became an alderman.”
    Howie Sanders, retired
    Citizen for 12 years
  • “It’s a great place to live. I like that is has nice people, good stores, and a perfect mix of rural and commercial.”
  • “It’s an awesome community.”
    Sam Worski, Business Owner
    Great Clips and girls, Hanna and Ayla
    Citizen for 51 years
  • “I enjoy Muskego. We moved here in 1975 and weren’t real sure if we would like it then—living in a suburb. We grew to like the community as we enjoyed raising livestock on our 8 acres, which we don’t know as it is in the middle of downtown!”
    Ray Ingold, veteran and retired businessman
    Citizen for 38 years
  • “I think it is a great, little community—there’s a lot going on in a small town.”
    Walter Spitzer
    Citizen for 19 years
  • “I like Muskego because it’s a friendly community that grows on you and with you.”
    Gary Boisits, lawyer
    Citizen for 19 years
  • “Muskego is still a rural community where we can enjoy our farms, yet have access to things we need and use.”
    Eileen Madden, Alderwoman
    Citizen for 25 years
  • “This is a very comfortable place—all who move here become comfortable and learn that there’s no place like home!”
    Mayor Kathy Chiaverotti
    Citizen for 30 years
  • “I have seen a lot of change—some good, some bad—but appreciated and feel privileged to have lived here since the city’s beginning!”
    Donald Wieselmann, former mayor
    From 1968 to 1970
    Citizen for 84 years
  • “We moved to Muskego in 1957 and began planting apple trees and selling produce on the corner of Janesville and Martin Drive. We founded a Guernsey cattle herd and helped found Guernsey Dairy. I am still involved in what became Basse’s Country Market."
    Carolyn Basse, retired Farmer and Business Owner
    Citizen for 56 years
  • “I have lived in Muskego for 56 years in the Fountainwood Subdivision. I belonged to the Muskego’s Newcomers Club, which later became the Muskego Women’s Club. I remember Muskego with open fields and a sheriff on patrol before there was a police department.”
    Theresa, retired
    Citizen for 56 years