2010 Awards

The first Awards Ceremony was held in 2010. Award recipients are listed below. 

Citizen Awards

Certificate of Appreciation
Mr. Michael Kuspa
Citizen Commendation
Mr. Alexander Roy
Mr. Timothy Hoffman
Medal of Valor
Mr. Jacob Kaprelian
Dept. of Transportation Award
Mr. David Durand

Officer Awards

Perfect Attendance
Lieutenant Craig Simunack
Sergeant Peter Lynkiewicz
Officer Ann Shaw
Officer Scott Sheridan
Letter of Commendation
Detective Lieutenant David Constantineau
Certificate of Appreciation
Police Chaplain Peter Panitzke

Anniversary Recognition

5 Years of Service
Officer Erin Heusdens
Officer Natalie Johnston
Officer William Jones
Officer Jeffry Monreal
Officer Stephen Westphal
20 Years of Service
Officer Michael Rakers
25 Years of Service
Captain John La Tour
Captain Craig Moser
Officer David Adamczyk
Officer Todd Nelson
Officer John Walejewski
30 Years of Service
Chief Paul Geiszler
Deputy Court Clerk Mary Beth McGurk