Property Tax Billing & Collection

Property tax bills are prepared and mailed around the middle of December each year, following the completion of the annual City budget process.

Questions regarding assessment of your property, including assessed or fair market value, recent sales prices, and/or the last time the property was assessed, are best answered by the Assessor’s office. Recent tax and assessment data for City properties can be found by clicking the Tax Bill Information link and following the onscreen instructions.

Real Estate Tax Billing and Collection
Real estate tax bills are due by January 31st after mailing in December. Taxpayers have the choice of paying in full or paying in three installments. Should you choose to pay in installments, the third installment and final payment is due by July 31st.

Note: Failure to pay at least the first installment of a real estate tax bill by January 31st makes the total tax bill due and payable, and subject to interest and penalties.

Personal Property Tax Billing and Collection
Personal property tax bills are due in full by January 31st. If payment is not paid in full by the due date, penalties and interest will accrue each month.

Acceptable Forms of Payment
Payment types accepted by the City include cash or check. Electronic checks and credit cards are also accepted via the Online Bill Pay link. Please note that a service fee does apply for credit card payments. City Hall is open for property tax collection Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. In addition, a drop box for payments is available at the front of City Hall. The City also partners with two area banks to assist with tax collections, particularly on days or hours when City Hall is not open. You can find information regarding bank collection locations in the tax bill envelope or look on the General Tax Information page starting in early December.