School Resource Officers

The City of Muskego Police Department’s School Resource Officer program began in August of 1992 when the Muskego/Norway School District and the City of Muskego Police Department joined forces and established the School Liaison Program, now known as a School Resource Officer. The successful partnership has grown, and today Muskego High School, Muskego Lakes Middle School and Lake Denoon Middle School have an officer assigned to their campuses full-time. Middle School Officers also spend time at Bay Lane Elementary, Mill Valley Elementary, and Lakeview Elementary School in Wind Lake.

This position involves:

  • Investigations related to juvenile offenders or victims.                
  • Educational presentations.                
  • Supervision of various school functions.                
  • Safety and Security for the schools.                Muskego-Norway School Logo
  • Assisting school administration and staff.                
  • As well as perform the duties of regular police officers.