1. Sale / Lease Opportunities

    See available properties.

  2. Muskego Business Contact List

    List of all Muskego businesses in the community that is sortable/searchable with contact information where available.

  3. Economic Development

    See the Economic Development services offered within the City of Muskego.

  4. Approval Procedures

    Review the basic approval procedures for business.

  5. Business Incentives

    View all of the incentives and assistance available to Muskego businesses.

  6. Business Licenses

    Obtain a business license.

  7. Business Development Report

    Find the latest information on what commercial permits were approved in the past years along with what investment in the community those permits might have produced.

  8. Planning/Zoning

    Find information about planning.

  9. Building Inspections

    Access information about building inspections.

  10. Chamber of Commerce